When I first started this project the brief was that it had to be light as there was a sequence where it was driving on ice...fortunately this was eventually omitted but it did still need to drive like a monster truck.  It started out in life as a Zil 6x6, firstly it was striped to bare chassis and re built from there.  We eventually worked with the Ural engine much to my dissapointment as originally I wanted to use a LS3 engine.


There was another twist as later in the chase sequense for those of you that have seen it, the MRAP jumps off the exit ramp to the motorway and lands on a Russian taxi, for this we had to build a light weight version.  The body was made from carbon fibre with just a tubular chassis and a Dodge Ram SRT10 drive train...

As you can see, work begins with the ladder chassis, skip to the basic body shape below that starts to bring it to life.

Steve Davison (stunt coordinator) and I trying it out for the left further progress is being made.

First pass paint work is applied before we take it out for a test drive...

Rock Crawler build for 'The Man from U.N.C.L.E.' 

Due to the film not being released I'm unable to show this build...for now!

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